Saumell & Vallejo is organised as a group of independent professionals, who collaborate to facilitate the economic and professional activity of group members for mutual benefit. Members also work with other professionals in collaborating firms, again to benefit their respective economic and professional activities.

Although the activity of this office is linked to the professional activity of its members and collaborators, it is in no way intended to replace such activity. To this effect, the professionals involved are all those who appear on this web site as members or collaborators, and each professional is solely and exclusively responsible for his or her own professional activity.

The website is a tool for publicising the services provided by members and collaborators and to facilitate communication with clients and persons or organisations who may be interested in the information displayed.

Any information given on this page is provided for strictly informative purposes, and may not be used to form opinions or decisions of a legal nature. We therefore recommend you to contact the professional of your choice to help explore any specific issue and provide proper guidance.